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Real Fruit Ice Cream

Blending Real Fruit Ice Cream with a Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Blender is a great way to give your business a point of difference. Add ice cream , frozen yogurt or vegan options and blend with frozen fruit for a healthy ,delicious and exciting frozen treat your customers will come back for.

No artificial flavouring or colouring. Adding frozen fruit to ice cream and blending with a Trendyblends machine adds a natural burst of flavour that your customers love.

Its easy to add Real Fruit Ice Cream to your business, and is perfect draw to bring customers in to your business. There are many other ways of adding value to your business with a Trendyblends machine.

Its a great way for berry farms or produce stores to use their seconds and blend in to a delicious ice cream, or be creative, tap into the growing vegan market, use exotic fruits, or gourmet ingredients to excite your customers.

You can use low fat low sugar ice cream or frozen yogurt for a more health conscious clientele, or even organic ice cream.

There are plenty of options for your Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine:

Simple and Popular

Use vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt or Vegan options


Most frozen fruit can be used with a Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream machine. Popular fruits are strawberry, boysenberry, blueberry, blackberry etc.


You can also use tropical fruit like mango , papaya, pineapple, banana, kiwifruit etc

Get Creative

You can add chocolate, coffee , cocao, cookies, other frozen ingredients, you are only limited by your imagination

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