Real Fruit
ice cream Machine

Trendyblends: our countertop real fruit ice cream blender machine blends together ice cream, frozen yogurt and vegan ice cream options with frozen fruit to create a delicious and sensational real fruit ice cream, that your customers will love. With the increased profits of real fruit ice cream, you will be happy also.

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Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machines are built tough with a rugged stainless steel body and construction. Our extra strength Auger allows you to blend hard frozen fruit, chocolate etc Weighing around 2 kilos the solid stainless Auger is practically indestructible, extremely durable and more hygienic than inferior plastic Augers.

Our Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machines have an efficient design that gives you greater control over a wide variety of ingredients and ice cream temperatures giving you a much more consistent blended product. With more control you have the flexibility to have a more exciting menu while still offering a high quality product... +

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Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine

Real Fruit Ice Cream Machine

Trendyblends Real Fruit Ice Cream Machines have a simplified, streamlined and efficient design, giving greater control, more flexibility and better value. Our machines have been road tested, built tough and should last you year after year of reliable service , making tens of thousands of ice creams and improving your customer base and bottom line.

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We are happy to help you with menu ideas, operational tips - we can provide you with additional videos regarding maintenance - and also detailed profit margins based on your particular situation. You can contact us by phone at +64 21 049 1077, with WhatsApp or send us an email to or get in touch through the following contact form.


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